Jan Söderman


When it was time for me to choose what to study IT was something very new and strange. These aspects made me very interested in learning more about the field and thus, I decided to start studying IT at Åbo Akademi. Already during my studies I got offered a job as a programmer at Tietobotnia, and ever since my career has comprised of various IT positions. I have had several Project Manager and IT Manager positions at international companies, such as; ICL Data, Estlander & Rönnlund and eCraft. In spring 2013 I began working for WBD, and since then I have functioned as the company’s IT Director. My work involves the management of various IT-projects, IT consultation and training. During my career I have been able to gather knowledge of diverse ERP-systems, which has given me a good base for finding the most suitable IT solutions to every specific company. In my work it is important to understand my clients’ business practices, in order to find the most suitable and effective IT solutions for them. My aim is to make the clients’ daily tasks easier by implementing IT systems that support their business practices, and ultimately to provide them with a more effective way of working.